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The new control unit NF-M for simulation firing of missiles

The control unit NF-M is designed to simulate firing up to 15 shots. Missiles can be fired individua ..
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Posted: 17/08/2016

The innovative unit NF3E is available in the category Large size

The NF3E is an innovative product that replaces the previous products NF-3E and NF3X-350. It is newl ..
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Posted: 26/04/2016

New lighting control unit NF32 in Medium size category

NF32 is a new control unit for lighting medium-sized model aircrafts with a wingspan up to 1.3 meter ..
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Posted: 05/04/2016

New products in the servo accessories

NF-INV3 and NF-SD3 are inovated products in the servo accessories category. NF-INV3 is the new se ..
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Posted: 11/02/2016

New lighting control units XL size

Last year we started with the innovation of existing control units for different models. Currentl ..
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Posted: 11/02/2016

Heli Kit 3E

Heli Kit designed for big size models of helicopters with LEDs  Ø 8 mm, 240, 350 and 700 mA

Heli Kit 3E
Heli Kit 3E Heli Kit 3E Heli Kit 3E
Availability: In Stock
Price: 2,262.00Kč
Ex Tax: 1,869.42Kč

Heli Kit 3E is designed for big models of helicopters. It is smaller and weaker in comparison to Heli Kit 3XL. Kit contains NF3E lights controller and set of 7 lights (LEDs) on cables, 2x position lights (red and green) 240 mA, 4x flashing lights (red and white) 700 mA, 1x position tail light (white) 20 mA. By default the kit contains LEDs installed on hexagonal heatsinks 20 mm. This can be changed if there is a space limitation. For possible variants see category „LED, Covers and Heatsinks“ on this web. Kits can be powered by 2S or 3S LiPol Accu.

The kit can be complemented with additional landing reflectors or spotlights. These must be ordered separately in this category as Acc1 and Acc2 products.

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