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Small size controller, up to 0,8m wingspan. 8 LEDs 1,8 mm (plastic version) / 3 mm (indoor version): 2x Position / 3x Flashing / 3x Landing. Power 4 V-5,5 V (fromRx). 2p/3p control.

You can order a separate unit or together with the LEDs and cables as a set.

Set contains: LED 3 mm/10 mA (1xG2xR4xW) and LED 5 mm/20 mA (1xW), cables


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Illumination Unit NF-3m

NF-3m (mini) unit is a unit designed for illumination of small models including plastic ones, Indoor and ParkFly models for flying at night. It is designed to power color ultra bright LEDs (Light-Emitting Diode) with a diameter of 1.8, 3 or 5 mm with nominal current up to 20 mA. LED diodes for SMD assembly can be also used e.g. for plastic models. The unit  NF-3m  contains eight pairs of soldering contacts to connect up to eight lights. P1 is designed for the green light and P2 for the red position light. There are also three flashing anti-collision lights there. There is one F1 and two F2. F1 is intended to be on the body. Both F2 output flash in the same way and are designed e.g. to be on the tip of the wings. Their illumination rate is lower than by F1 but they can be combined in one diode, achieving the same illumination rate as the one of F1. There are also three outputs for the landing lights there. L1 are twin lights with half illumination rate and they go on first. One second after them the stronger L2 light goes on. If necessary, the L1 twin lights can be combined in one light, similar to the F2 flashing lights.

The circuit is to be connected with a Graupner or Hitec connector directly to the receiver, being supplied with a voltage of 5V and with BEC circuit tolerance. The circuit has no other protection against reversed polarity than a connector lock. Diodes are supplied with this voltage. The output conntacts have a joint positive pole. Each output can be connected with one diode.

The F1 and F2 circuits flash with one second period. Using three jumpers  ( 1, 2, 4 ), one of the eight preset flashing combinations can be achieved i.e. one, two or three separated flashings. You can set the order number of the combination from 0 to 7 by means of the jumpers as follows: all jumpers, when disconnected, sum up to 0. The sum of number of the connected jumpers represents the number of the selected combination.

As to the controlled version of NF-3m, regime of light control is chosen by means of the fourth jumper. Open jumper = regime of two-position control (Fly/Land). In this regime, the position and flashing lights start working in the moment of power supply connection and the landing lights are controlled from the sender. As to the three-position regime (Off/Fly/Land), the standard range of servo variation is divided into three areas. In the first third, all lights are switched off, in the second one the position and flashing lights go on and in the third one all lights are on.

If the unit is controlled with the receiver, it indicates receiver signal outage by means of fast flashing of the landing and flashing lights.

The unit NF-3m can also be connected as an uncontrolled unit when disconnecting the orange signal contact on the connecter on the receiver. This can be either cut off or you can gently try to lift the lock on the connector and pull the contact out of the connector. Then isolate against touching by chance. If necessary, you can always push the contact back again. When connecting the unit as an uncontrolled one (without the orange contact), the receiver only powers the NF-3m module. Then both the position and the flashing lights are on permanently and the connector for regime choice serves for a manual control of the landing lights. In such case, the unit can be supplied directly from the accumulator as there is voltage between 4.5 - 5,5V there. Exceeding the upper limit can cause damage. The red conductor is to be connected to "+" and the brown one to "-" of the accumulator.

Designed for
Wingspan From (cm)
Wingspan To (cm)
Weight (g) 4,6g
Weight of one LED (g) 0,15g / 0,32g
LED Size 3mm, 5mm
Length (mm) 33
Width (mm) 18
Height (mm) 5
Operational Temperature (°C) 0-70°C
Unit Cable Length (mm) 180mm
Controled Yes
Number of Flash Sequences
Light Circuits
Cabin Lights N/A
Flash Lights 1 1 x Red
Flash Lights 2 2 x White
Position lights 1 1 x Green
Position lights 2 1 x Red
Landing Lights 1 2 x White
Landing Lights 2 1 x White
Voltage 4,5V
The operating voltage (Min) 4,5V
The operating voltage (Typ) 5,0V
The operating voltage (Max) 12,6V
Consumption (Min) N/A
Consumption (Typ) N/A
Consumption (Max) 12mA (5V) / 32mA (12V)
Circuit informations
Number of Circuits 8
Circuit 1 N/A
Circuit 2 N/A
Circuit 3 N/A
Circuit 4 N/A
Circuit 5 N/A
Circuit 6 N/A
Circuit 7 N/A
Circuit 8 N/A
Circuit 9 N/A
Package Contains / Information
Control unit NF-3m

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