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The NF-SD3 controller serves to limit the speed of movement of servo at response to a change of position.



Availability: In Stock
Price: 450.00Kč
Ex Tax: 371.90Kč

Retarder of servo movement NF-SD3

The NF-SD3 controller serves to limit the speed of movement of servo at response to a change of position. The SD3 is designed for aeromodellers to slow down pushing out of landing gear and wing flaps. The SD3 can be used inside ships and military models for fluent positioning of gibs, opening of bars and tops and for slow starts of engines . You will appreciate big range from 0.7 to 14.7 sec.


The SD3 receives information about the desired position of servo from the receiver and sends it to output. When a fast change occurs on input, the output starts changing slowly so that the maximum speed of servo movements is not exceeded. With switch-controlled channels it makes possible a fluent linear servo movement on a model. The operational voltage range is 3,0 to 12,0 V. The level of the signal (yellow wire) against the ground (brown wire) cannot exceed 5V and the level of power voltage supplied by Rx (red wire) against the ground. The level of the signal from a receiver must be inside the space between the “MIN INP” and “OUT”. Most of receivers in the market meet this requirement.

The time it takes the servo to run from one end position to the other one is called “running time”. The shortest settable running time is 0,7 sec, the longest is 14,7 sec. The first half turn of the trimmer is used to set short times and is linear with 0,5 sec step. The second half of the scale is exponential for longer times. A total of 16 values can be set. A small point on the trimmer serves as an indicator of the trimmer’s setting (turned to 4 sec. on the picture). Don´t turn the trimmer over the red area indicated between the values 0.7 and 14 sec.

More information you can find in the section "Documentation".

Weight (g) 4.5
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 10.5
Height (mm) 6.5
Operational Temperature (°C) 0 - 70°C
Voltage 5.0 V
Consumption (Max) < 2.5 mA

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