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Medium size controller for 0,8 m - 1,3 m wingspan. Outputs for 20 mA LEDs: 2x Position / 2x Flashing / 2x Landing. Power 6 V-14 V. 2p3p control.

You can order a separate unit or together with the LEDs and cables as a set.

Set contains: Controller NF_3RC, LED 5 mm / 20 mA (1xG2xR, 6xW), cables


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Illumination Unit  NF-3 RC

NF-3 RC units are designed for illumination of the Slow and ParkFly models for flying at night.  They are used to power colour ultra bright LEDs (Light-Emitting Diode) It contains six independent current-powered outputs with the nominal current of 20 mA. Two outputs are for position lights (P1, P2), two independently flashing ones are designed to power the anti-collision flash lights (F1, F2), and two outputs power the landing lights (L1 and L2). Operation of the output L2 is one second delayed to the output L1 so that gradual turning-on by the pilot can be caused.

Anti-collision light outputs flash with one second period. Three jumper contacts (1, 2, 4) enable to choose one of 8 flashing combinations. Combination sequence number is determined by the total of connected jumpers. When open, all jumpers make 0.

"3P" jumper is used to operate the lights; it allows you to select between 3-position and 2-position control (Fly/Land). In the latter the position and anti-collision lights start work when the unit is connected to the accumulator and the landing lights are controlled by the remote controller.  In the 3-position control (Off/Fly/Land) the standard reach deviation is divided approximately in thirds. In the first one all lights are off, in the second position the position lights and anti-collision lights are on and in the third position the landing lights are on.

Controlled with a remote controller, anti-collision and landing lights automatically begin to flash when the plane is unable to receive a signal from the remote controller.

If the receiver connecter is disconnected, the unit is uncontrolled. In this case the position and flashing lights start work immediately after the voltage is turned on. The jumper “3P” can be used to turn landing lights on manually. If disconnected, the landing lights are switched on, if connected, the lights are off.

Unit is compatible with Graupner or Hitec-type connectors. The receiver circuit and the light circuits are galvanically separated by an opto-coupler.
The lights are powered from the positive pole of accumulator. The negative pole is common for all circuits. The unit input is diode-protected against reversing of polarity. ATTENTION: by types for models powered by a four-cell with voltage of 4.8V this protection is switched of.  The current stabilization unit needs a minimum of 1.4V. White and green diodes require approximately 3.4V so that no reserve for safety diode requiring another 0.7V is available.  It means that polarity reversing by small voltage units can only occur for a short time (a few seconds); after that, they are damaged due to heat. Therefore, pay attention to the connection of current leads to the accumulator and use connectors where no unintentional polarity reversing is possible.  

The outputs maintain the nominal current in the wide range of voltage from (4.8) 6 to 14V without the need to connect compensating series resistance in the circuit. The stabilization starts working from 5.0 V already; therefore it is possible to connect the unit with the used NiCd or NiMH batteries with 4 -10 cells or Li-Pol with 2 – 3 cells. As the number of the cells of the powering accumulator increases, so does the number of diodes that can be connected (serially) in one output. Using seven-cell-accumulator, two green (white) diodes or 3 red (yellow) diodes can be connected in one circuit. It is only necessary to assume that the summa of voltages of diodes plus approximately 1.8V (necessary for a good functionality of NF) is below the voltage of accumulator, otherwise the circuit starts to decrease the current in the diodes and the luminosity falls down. Approximate voltage of the diodes is shown in the table 1. The colours of diodes in one circuit can be combined.

Designed for
Wingspan From (cm)
Wingspan To (cm)
Weight (g) 9,3g
Weight of one LED (g) 0,32g
LED Size 5mm
Length (mm) 52
Width (mm) 24
Height (mm) 6
Operational Temperature (°C) 0-70°C
Unit Cable Length (mm) 170mm
Controled Yes
Number of Flash Sequences
Light Circuits
Cabin Lights N/A
Flash Lights 1 1 x Red
Flash Lights 2 2 x White
Position lights 1 1 x Green
Position lights 2 1 x Red + 1 x White
Landing Lights 1 2 x White
Landing Lights 2 1 x White
The operating voltage (Min) 5,0V
The operating voltage (Typ) 9,0V
The operating voltage (Max) 14,0V
Consumption (Min) 18mA
Consumption (Typ) 20mA
Consumption (Max) 25mA
Circuit informations
Number of Circuits
Circuit 1 N/A
Circuit 2 N/A
Circuit 3 N/A
Circuit 4 N/A
Circuit 5 N/A
Circuit 6 N/A
Circuit 7 N/A
Circuit 8 N/A
Circuit 9 N/A
Package Contains / Information
Control unit NF-3RC

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